Ella Attractions | Things to Do & See in Ella

Ella Attractions - Things to Do and See in Ella

Leaving big cities Colombo, Kandy of Sri Lanka, we visit a little mountain town in the central highland of Sri Lanka. Hidden in the green of the tea plantations, Ella is in possession of stunning mountains, charming waterfalls with nice weather and rustic residents, which is expected to be a paradise on Earth for travelers desiring a vacation in the mountain. If you are confused about the beauty of Ella, let Sri Lanka Local Tours give you some top attractions in Ella and appealing things to do there.

Top Charming Attractions in Ella

Nine Arch Bridge

Nine Arch Bridge is one of the most remarkable attractions in Ella, built by the British in 1921. It includes in 9 alluring arches connecting Ella to Damodara Station through the railway system: Kandy to Ella which is voted one of the most charming train rides all over the world. Visiting the Nine-Arch bridge, tourists should not miss the chances of experiencing the most beautiful train ride there and sightseeing the huge natural surrounding sights. However, if you want to have pretty photos with this special bridge, you should walk through the wood with a 30-minute walk or take a tuk-tuk ride from Ella with about LKR 300. The best time to visit it is the sunrise when the light is striking, it is suitable for taking beautiful photos.

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Ella Rock

Standing among the huge tea plantations, Ella rock is remarkable with the high steep edges covered by the green of tea. The interesting points of this mountain are not only the overall view at the top of the mountain but also the way to conquer the top of Ella rock. Called as one of the most challenging accomplishments for trekkers and hikers, the route to the top of Ella Rock is so tricky with many wrong directions so reaching its top is a miracle for you. Additionally, standing on the top of the mountain, the travelers also have more than the miracle, in front of you is a huge sprawling view of the Sri Lanka countryside which makes you say “Wonderful”.

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Diyaluma Fall – the Second Highest Waterfall in Sri Lanka

Diyaluma fall is known as the second-highest waterfall in Sri Lanka, which possesses beautiful views, especially in the higher edge of the fall. Many people think that there are not many routes to go to the top of the fall but everything has its own solution. If you want to know that, contact us, and we will guide you. The overall view from the top of the fall really makes you surprise and reasonable when climbing to the top.

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Namunukula – Nine Peaks

Naunukula peak is the Sinhalese name of nine –peak mountain which is located in the Uva Province of Sri Lanka; the tallest peak is the 12th tallest mountain in Sri Lanka with 2035 m above the sea level. This mountain is actually a masterpiece of Nature mother which is very suitable for sports like hiking, trekking. Besides, tourists also go camping there.

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Top 5 Exhilarating Things to Do and See in Ella

Climb up Little Adam’s peak

Little Adam‘s peak is a nephew of Adam’s Peak; it looks like a hill rather than a mountain but possesses the height of 1141m above the sea level. To explore this hill, tourists should spend about 2 hours for two; starting the trip from Ella town, you need 45 minutes through Passara road to the foot of the hill and just 15 minutes to reach the peak of the mountain. We believe 15-minute hiking is very valuable when you have a chance to walk through a lush green tea estate and talk with locals living there. The feeling when you conquering the top of mountains will make you unforgettable; from the top, you will collect the 360-degree panoramic view in your eyesight, clouds look like cotton, roll in you softly. The best time for you catching a wonderful moment on the top is early morning or late evenings, the moderate light will help you have pretty photos there.

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Endless Tea Field Views at Lipton’s Seat

Endless Tea Field View is the best destination for the tourists desiring selfie in the hills of Poonagala. Far from an hour’s distance from the Ella city, it is an appealing tourist attraction that provides awe-inspiring views of huge tea plantation surrounding there. You can keep peaceful moments in this hill with the smiling, industrious women collecting tea leaves there.

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Join a cooking class at Ella Spice Garden

Sri Lanka cuisine is diverse and distinctive from other cuisines; if you are a fan of spicy food, you will be really interested in taking part in a cooking class at Ella Spice Garden where you will be taught to cook Sri Lanka dishes such as Curry, Sampol, etc by native chefs. Believe me, you will be never regretful about the attendance, you will receive much fun from this class as well as the Sri Lanka culture hidden in the meaning of each dish.

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Get a fresh shower at the Ravana Fall

If Diyaluma Fall mentioned below is known as the biggest challenge for trekkers and hikers, Ravana is known as one of the widest falls in Sri Lanka. This fall is about 25 m high and derives from an oval-shaped bedrock. The fall is named after the legendary Ravana which connected to the famous Indian drama, The Ramayana. However, Ravana waterfall also gets a popular place with not only the foreigners but also the local by the beautiful shower. The tiredness will be released on the moment you dip in the fresh cooling water of the Ravana fall among the wilderness of the thick woods.

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Market on Wednesday

The market can open every day there but if you stay Ella on Wednesday, you should go to the Ella market on Wednesday morning, it is the main day of the market every week. Taking part in this session of this market, you can search many souvenirs, daily items of Sri Lankans in this area; additionally, you can explore the many unknown species of Sri Lanka culture.

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