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Our Mission is to Help You Reveal Different Taste of Worry-free Sri Lanka Your Way

Sri Lanka Local Tours is a leading tour company in Sri Lanka specializing in customized and creative Sri Lanka tours. We exist to help you discover Sri Lanka your way. Sri Lanka Local Tours is about “Discovery Your Way“. No groups, No flags, No fixed dates. You can Discover Different Taste of Sri Lanka that interests you most, on your dates, with your own driver and guide. Unlike other tour operators and overseas travel agencies that mostly just resell fixed tours, Sri Lanka Local Tours work with you to customize your immensely own unique trip. Every Sri Lanka trip is specially designed to your interests, with 1:1 help from your own dedicated Sri Lanka specialist, every step of the way!

Sri Lanka Local Tour Operator

We’ve been building our team for 18 years, handpicking our team of Sri Lanka specialists, guides, drivers, and experiences across Sri Lanka. As a leading tour company in Sri Lanka, we know the secret paths to stunning vista, the hidden history, and the hidden problems — like booking elusive seats, and tables at outstanding local restaurants, not those tourist hangouts or hotels group tours use. Travel with Sri Lanka Local Tours, for a travel experience like no other.

We've Got a Story to Tell You!

From a man with love for travel

Henry founded Sri Lanka Local Tours with the aim of delivering a valuable opportunity to all travelers to joyfully discover the charm of Sri Lanka. Once a tour guide, He was discouraged by prescribed vanilla group tours, tourism tricks, hidden surcharge, and detours. Henry decided to start something he would put his name and pride on, something that showed people the best of Sri Lanka.

The Wish to Share the Wonders of Sri Lanka

Henry knew that there was so much to marvel at and experience outside the group tour experience. Back then all trips were all fixed, and visitors had zero flexibility to customize a trip around their interests. He wanted travelers to experience off the beaten track, of the guidebook, out of sterile parks, major attractions, and beyond the typical tour itineraries.

Distinctive Taste of Sri Lanka Travel

Henry wanted to get rid of detours to commission motivated stops, those shops wore a cloak as museums and listed on the itinerary as a ‘sight-seeing spots,' and instead take visitors into the authentic charm of Sri Lanka, to talk to the locals, to strive authentic food at the kind of local restaurants and overseas friends loved. Thus, Henry set about to run an award-winning tour operator, starting a website helping travelers. Sri Lanka Local Tours was born then. Our passion, motto, and purpose have never changed.

Henry Le

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Sri Lanka Local Tours carries out the mission to bring uniqueness and authenticity to our beloved clients. We love to bring wonderful moments to every discerning traveler all around the world.


Lifetime Memorable Travel Experience

No matter who you are, a solo traveler, a couple on honeymoon or holiday, a group of friends, or visitors seeking for wellness holidays, and no matter what you are seeking for, prominent attractions or off the beaten track paths of Sri Lanka, our specialists of Sri Lanka Local Tours always listen to your travel preferences and let you uncover the real Sri Lanka with unique experiences. Admire world-known Sri Lanka attractions, incredible view, explore Sri Lanka wildlife and nature, fill your stomach with Sri Lanka cuisine are incredible things to do in Sri Lanka.

Lifetime Memorable Travel Experience

Guaranteed Security and Service Quality

Regardless of what is stated in the contract between the customer and us, we are committed to performing better than that and providing our wholehearted services. Our company is always a prestigious and important partner of the big banking system in Vietnam. Thus, your personal details, as well as financial information, will be highly confidential. Each service is certified before your stay. We assure you that you will always get an endless follow-up by our local guides and our 24/7 assistance. We always put our customers and their satisfaction at the heart of our strategy at Sri Lanka Local Tours.

Guaranteed Security and Service Quality

Best Tour Price

Enjoy an affordable holiday in Sri Lanka when traveling with Sri Lanka Local Tours. We are proud of as one of the best tour operators offering an all-inclusive range of Sri Lanka tours and holiday packages at excellent value for money. Operating over 18 years in the tourism trade, we guarantee that our tour prices are the best around. If budget matters, we will be happy to discuss amending the itinerary in various ways to make it more reasonable. We will present you with your dream tour package to meet your budget and expectations. You will benefit from our financial and consumer protection and the assurance that there are no price increases since your booking is confirmed.

Best Tour Price

Why Choose Sri Lanka Local Tours

Sri Lanka Local Tours understands traveling to Sri Lanka is your true dream holiday as this country has innumerable things to serve you and your beloved ones. Working in the tourism industry for 18 years, we have gained a deep understanding of tourism in Asia, and Sri Lanka in particular. Our goal is to provide a unique, unforgettable travel experience that reflects the traveler’s true desires and interests and perform this service with professionalism, creativity, and knowledge. We want our clients to experience the real and amazing Sri Lanka, rather than see it.

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Precious Moments with Our Dearest Clients

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Tea Trek
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Message from Our Founders

“At Sri Lanka Local Tours, our travel experts work exceptionally hard to be able to offer clients with ultimate luxury, flexibility, and comfort during their vacation in Sri Lanka. If there is any of the available itinerary packages that do not suit your interests, feel free to contact us (without any commitment) and we will customize a unique Sri Lanka tour that deserves you most. The over 18-years of experience working in tourism has helped us a lot in the journey to be the best local tour operator in Sri Lanka and with this success, our team undertakes extensive programs in helping the community around us.”

We have done all the hard work so you can access the best destination has to offer. Thus, do not just take the road, determine your own memorable trip to Sri Lanka with Sri Lanka Local Tours!