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romantic sri lanka honeymoon packages

Sri Lanka Honeymoon Packages

Sri Lanka has been rising as one of the flawless destinations for honeymoon packages since the last few years and understandably why. Tropical summers, white sandy beaches fringed with tall palm trees, seaside colonial bungalows on clear blue water – All sound enticing!

Visiting pristine beaches, trying out some water sports are not only activities you can plan for your Sri Lanka tour packages for couples, just because the island country boasts much than that. Your Sri Lanka honeymoon would be dreaming getaways for to settle in romantic resorts, immerse in Ayurveda – the authentic Sri Lanka spa treatment and explore the unexploited natural beauty. Yala National Park, Central Highlands, and Habarana are some must-places that you cannot miss out on

We joyfully offer super romantic Sri Lanka Honeymoon Tours for couples planning to find somewhere to have a perfect and happy time with their beloved partners. If you want to have a unique Honeymoon tour packages in Sri Lanka basing on your interests, feel free to speak 1:1 with us (without commitment).

Top Extraordinary Things to Do and See for the Super Romantic Sri Lanka Honeymoon Tours

Best Time to Get into a Sri Lanka Honeymoon

Though Sri Lanka is a year-round destination, the best time to visit depends upon what you want to see and experience in this country. One should decide in advance their places of visit as per one’s interest considering Sri Lanka has a dramatic climate and experiences two monsoons. The two prominent seasons is the peak season and the monsoon. Considering all this, the best time to visit Sri Lanka is during the months of January to April and mid-July to September. The country witnesses southwest monsoon during May, June and July and northeast monsoon from October to January.

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Exhilarating Things for the Full of Nostalgic Sri Lanka Honeymoon Packages


Bentota is an ideal beach destination for newlyweds! The place is where the river Bentota Ganga and the sea merge into an exotic lagoon, a stunning union – perfect for an intimate time. Here it is just impossible to resist the super charming palm-fringed beaches and the much-needed privacy guarantees a romantic escapade. This surely is one of the most fantastic destinations to get into for the perfect Sri Lanka Honeymoon tours. What can be more special for honeymooners- Privacy in the lap of nature and for those loving adventure, there are a plethora of activities to immerse in with your beloved partners like snorkeling, sailing, diving or canoeing.

bentota - sri lanka honeymoon packages


One of the dreamiest places in Sri Lanka, known as a tropical paradise, this crescent-shaped secluded beach affords the serene newlyweds often look for. Just sip from a chilled king coconut and marvel at the spectacular scenery of sunrise and sunset from the soft sands of the beach.

mirissa - sri lanka honeymoon itinerary
Things special for Sri Lanka Honeymoon: Get into some wonderful whale and dolphin watching while you are at Mirissa. Surprise your partner with a romantic date on the beach with no one around.


On the fringes of the Yala jungle, Tangalle is a unique proposition for the lovebirds. On the west of Tangalle, there are manifold best honeymoon hotels in Sri Lanka, tucked away in rustic coves and bays. Also, on the east, there are stunning mangrove-lined lagoons and soft sandy beaches. And, mind you, the sparklingly blue of the sea is sure to make you feel like proposing to your beloved all over again! It is amongst the best Sri Lanka romantic places. Enjoy and get yourselves delightful Sri Lanka Honeymoon tours.

Tangalle - sri lanka honeymoon trip
Things special for your Sri Lanka Honeymoon: Go explore the national parks which are very close OR experience giant turtles coming ashore at night on the beaches of Rekawa and Kahandamodara to lay eggs.


Are you Looking for relatively more Sri Lanka honeymoon places with quieter beaches- Trincomalee fits the bill? One of the most striking sights here would be to see deer roaming the streets unmindful of the curious stares of visitors. The beaches (Uppuveli and Nilaveli) are perfect for a quiet hand-in-hand walk along the sea or if you want, just to laze around and relaxingly sunbathe.

Trincomalee - sri lanka honeymoon packages for couple
Things special for Sri Lanka Honeymoon: Visit the pigeon island- white sandy beach, rock pigeon breeding ground, and even shark sightings. Also, you could visit the hot springs of Kanniya.


Now for some tranquil intimate getaway. Ella, an adorable Sri Lankan mountain village, is a destination where the freshly hitched can just be. Make sure that you travel by train to this pretty site. Around you, there are acres of tea plantations, cloud covers, and jungle canopies. Then, nestle yourselves cozily into this untouched setting.

Ella - sri lanka honeymoon tours
Things special for Sri Lanka Honeymoon: Gaze at the Ella Rock through the Ella Gap. Leisurely stroll hand in hand through the tea plantations to Little Adams Peak for some mesmerizing views.

Nuwara Eliya

Little England of Sri Lanka, this lovely city is up in the Hill Country and the best honeymoon locations in Sri Lanka. Once here, the newlyweds will be given a feel of the colonial culture with lush green slopes, red brick houses, and country house-like clubs. With many dreamy views to offer, it is amongst the best places for a perfect Sri Lanka Honeymoon for a romance filled start.

Nuwara Eliya - best sri lanka honeymoon tours
Things special for Sri Lanka Honeymoon: Treks, hikes, visits to waterfalls like Lovers Leap Fall, Laksapana Falls, Rawana Falls. Tea estate and factory visits are a must-do.


Sometimes, one desires best of both worlds- to be in the lap of mother nature and ultimate intimacy. Habarana packs in both these with aplomb. It’s a great place for jungle safari (Minneriya National Park) and is amongst the best places in Sri Lanka for a honeymoon.

Habarana sri lanka honeymoon packages
Things special for Sri Lanka Honeymoon: Aside of the safari, newlyweds can choose to explore a village in a bullock cart or go kayaking on the Habarana Lake. If you are up to it you can go up in a hot air balloon over the Minneriya National Park and sweep the jungle with your eyes.

Sinharaja Forest Reserve

For the ardent nature lover duos, it can't get better than this. Sinharaja Rain Forest, a World Heritage Site for its biodiversity, is one of the best places for- Sri Lanka honeymoon for environmentalists at heart.

Sinharaja Forest Reserve honeymoon packages in sri lanka
Things special for best Sri Lanka Honeymoon tours: Go jungle walking to absorb the splendid natural surroundings or indulge in bird watching from aquatic to migratory to indigenous exotic species. In for an extreme jungle adventure, you can even choose to enjoy a camping experience.

Central Highland

Perched on the Central Highland Plateau are Horton Plains and Worlds End where a most exhilarating experience awaits you. Peering over the edge of the plateau into a green valley and tea estates almost 884 meters down below is surely one of the most memorable experiences of your lifetime. There is a multitude of streams that traverse the grassland and unique flora and fauna abound – this is one of the idyllic romantic honeymoon places in Sri Lanka.

Central Highland - sri lanka honeymoon tour packages
Things special for Sri Lanka Honeymoon tour packages: Marvel at the diverse the rich of flora and fauna in the Horton Plains National Park, Hike to the mountains around the park or camp on the plains.


There are those who love to get immersed in the culture of a place and savor its flavors to the fullest. For these honeymoon travelers, there can be no better place than Kandy. The last royal capital of Sri Lanka, Kandy is home to the Tooth Relic of the Buddha. It’s a place steeped in tradition as can be evident if you head to it during the Kandy festival in July and August each year. It is truly one of the most beautiful honeymoon places in Sri Lanka.

Kandy - honeymoon tours in sri lanka
Things special for Sri Lanka Honeymoon holiday: Visit the Temple of the Tooth. One of the best experiences would be getting up close and personal with elephants at the Elephant Orphanage at Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage. Watch traditional Kandyan dancing at the Kandyan Cultural Centre.