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Sri Lanka Sightseeing Tours & Vacation Packages

Blessed with varied landscapes and inherited ancient architectural structures across different regions, Sri Lanka is an ideal destination to take sightseeing tours. Palm-fringed beaches, verdant hills and mountains, serpentine rivers, exciting wildlife, World Heritage and pilgrimage sites and incredible unique food can pamper every traveler from all over the world. Sri Lanka Local Tours tailor-makes unique Sri Lanka sightseeing tours to cater to your travel tastes and they can be arranged just the right way to match your travel interests.

Let take a look at our ready-made Sri Lanka Sightseeing Tours and choose yourselves one that suits you most. If you cannot find your interests in our ready-made Sri Lanka Sightseeing vacation, feel free to contact us and our expert will help you to have unique Sightseeing tour packages in Sri Lanka as you want.

Sri Lanka Sightseeing Tours & Vacation Packages

Sri Lanka Spice Gardens and Sea Side – 13 Days

Sri Lanka Sightseeing Tours & Vacation Packages

Sri Lanka Classic Tour – 8 Days

Sri Lanka Sightseeing Tours & Vacation Packages

The Treasures of Sri Lanka – 15 Days

Top Exotic Things to Do and See for the Buoyant Sri Lanka Sightseeing Tours

The Dambulla Cave Temple

The most prevalent among the best destinations to pay a visit to in Sri Lanka is the Dambulla cave temple. It tops Sri Lanka's attraction. The largest temple complex in Sri Lanka converges the 12th-century-AD statues and paintings. The temple complex has 5 rooms of different sizes; all rooms have Buddha in a different position looking peaceful and calm. Dambulla Cave Temple - sri lanka sightseeing tours The temple is constructed on a black rocky mountain serving as a nice contrast with the white walls of the temple. Do not miss the vista from the top. The Dambulla Cave Temple can be easily accessed from both Colombo and Kandy.

Yala National Park

Missing Yala National Park while getting into the Sri Lanka sightseeing tours might bring regret to wildlife lovers. It houses a host of wildlife and birds you are bound to run into a group of elephants bathing in streams, tossing their trunks wildly or leopards nestling lazily on tree branches. Also, you can opt to enjoy the safari drives or a nature trail among the thick green foliage of the forest. You even can camp at Yala and enjoy a barbeque under the stars. Yala is the perfect destination to try your hand at wildlife photography. Yala National Park - sightseeing tours in sri lanka Enjoying Yala National Park is quite simple. All you have to do is drive down to the Park from Colombo or take a bus to Tissamaharama.

Arugam Bay

Sri Lanka has a coastline of over 1600 km and is ideally suited for windsurfing, speed boating, and other water sports. Arugam Bay has azure skies and slanting coconut trees. If you are seeking to surf in turquoise waters, Arugam Bay must be your thing. It is on the southeast coast roughly 320 kilometers from Colombo. It is a great place to sip coconut water, get into the scent of jasmine and allow the southern sun to tan your skin. Arugam Bay - best sri lanka sightseeing tours Besides Arugam bay, other beaches among best places that you have to visit in Sri Lanka are Unawatuna in the South; and Tangalla again in the south around 195 kilometers south of Colombo.

Sigiriya and Polonnaruwa


Sigiriya aka the mount of remembrance is a World Heritage Site and one of the most beautiful destinations to see in Sri Lanka. This giant rock rises out of nowhere towering over everything in its vicinity. It's quite a climb to the top; however, once up there you will get to admire a panoramic vista of the nearby sights and the Sigiriya fort. The rock fortress is a slice of history perched on a rock and is really worth to pay a visit. Sigiriya - best sri lanka sightseeing tour packages


Not much is heard and said about Polonnaruwa, but this ancient city is no less than the Petra of the south. A gem among Sri Lanka attractions, this old-aged ruined city stands amidst its erstwhile sturdy columns along with architecture. The best way to discover this old-aged city is to hire a bike and zoom around the ruins. The site is well maintained and is a telling example of Sri Lanka's culture and history. Polonnaruwa can be easily accessed via Sigiriya. You can board on a tuk-tuk or a bus from Sigiriya. Or you can take a bus from Dambulla to Polonnaruwa. Polonnaruwa - sri lanka sightseeing vacation


Galle is an essential city in Sri Lanka as well as is a one-stop destination wherein you can take in all sights and sounds. One of the best attractions to pay a visit to in Sri Lanka is the Galle Fort. The site has wide cobblestoned roads and a number of eateries and cafes. Strive and catch the sunset once there. There are a number of trinket shops and galleries. Another picturesque place for a Sri Lanka sightseeing holiday is the Japanese Peace Pagoda. Taking place near the Unawatuna beach, it is a white dome of serenity. Galle - sri lanka sightseeing vacation packages


Although a bit crowded, the temple Nallur Kovil is a nice pick among the best attractions to go in Sri Lanka. Another place of interest is the Jaffna Fort. This fort is in the center of the city and is a tourist hub. If you're in Jaffna, you cannot miss the Nagadipa Purana Vihara, the temple can be accessed by boat. One of calmest among Sri Lanka attractions, the temple is surreal and a fantastic place to meditate. Jaffna - best sri lanka sightseeing tours

Temple of Sacred Tooth Relic at Kandy

The temple of the sacred tooth relic is again a prevalent attraction among others in Sri Lanka. This site is iconic because of the history attached to it. With a tranquil setup and attractive artifacts, this temple is worth a visit. Temple of Sacred Tooth Relic - best sri lanka sightseeing vacation

Nuwara Eliya

Nuwara Eliya is most renowned for its tea gardens and vista. With misty clouds, lush green sloping hills, as well as a train looking like it, has come out of the Harry Potter films, Nuwara Eliya is a hilly paradise and another great addition to Sri Lanka's attractions. Nuwara Eliya


Trincomalee, among manifold similar Sri Lanka tourist attractions, is blessed with a stunning beach. If you are up for an underwater diving tour, then a Sri Lanka diving tour will offer you the best experience. Besides water sports, there are also so many temples and beaches in Trincomalee. There is also a war cemetery which is surrounded by lush gardens, which makes it one of the best places to see in Sri Lanka. Do not miss this superb beach once having the jovial sightseeing tours in Sri Lanka. Trincomalee

The Commonwealth War Cemetery at Kandy

Yes, a strange one in the list of best destinations to visit in Sri Lanka, the war cemetery is well maintained and the grounds are well kept. Overall it is a very humbling experience. It is really hard to find this cemetery without a guide, but once you get there, it is worth the effort. The Commonwealth War Cemetery