People in Sri Lanka – 10 Things Make You Love Sri Lanka People

People in Sri Lanka – 10 Things Make You Love Them

While indulging in Sri Lanka vacation, tourists can catch the first attraction by its wonderful natural beauty with sun-kissed beaches but its culture is which makes tourists remember it forever and do not leave from that. This culture is shaped by Sri Lanka people who possess the unique characteristics – secrets about an exclusive culture. Let me and this Sri Lanka travel guide help you to explore 10 things make you love Sri Lanka people

5 Unique Things Make Sri Lanka People Different from Others


Setting foot on a strange land, fear often covers over you but in Sri Lanka, this feeling is broken up in first moments by the warm welcome of Sri Lankans. Everywhere you reach from adults to kids wave at you and cry “Welcome to Sri Lanka”. Additionally, you will be never lonely in a strange country because friendly natives will not leave you alone, they are always ready to give direction, show their country and customs to you. If you, unfortunately, miss way, do not worry much, generous Sri Lankans will welcome you, give you a meal or give direction to you.

hospitable sri lanka people

Multi-linguistic Usage

Some English speaking tourists frequently worry about traveling in Asia because the residents speak little English but tourists to Sri Lanka do not need to worry about that. There are three official languages in Sri Lanka: Sinhala, English, and Tamil. Whereas Sinhala is mainly used by people of Sri Lanka, English is the commercial language; most people speak two of them and every street sign is in all three languages.


Religious Diversity

Located in the crossway of the Indian Ocean and South Asia, Sri Lanka inherits the diversity of religions with 4 official religions: Hinduist, Buddhist, Muslim, and Christian. Most residents in Sri Lanka belong to one of 4 religions and all are faithful, celebrate their religions in its own right; frequently, each religion is celebrated by a festival annually, that is the reason why Sri Lanka’s festival happened all over the year.

Characteristics of Sri Lanka people

No Harassment

When you are a foreigner in a strange country, it is not avoidable that you can be disturbed by the creepy staring of surrounding people but Sri Lankan will do not do bad things like that to their foreign friends. Instead of that they show the hospitality to them, give tourists the hand waves along with warm smiles. Besides, if you are a girl like the safe and respected feelings, visiting Sri Lanka is the best choice for you, Sri Lankan say no with sexual harassment because of some rules in their religion, residents make you feel very secure and respected in your personal life.

Wobbling Head

Wobbling head is a particular emotion of Sri Lanka; some people think wobbling head show the disapproval but it is always true in every case in Sri Lanka, sometimes it is just a way they show the attention to the conversation, and other cases it is maybe a way to greet everyone.

5 Things Make You Love People in Sri Lanka

Dancing “Addict”

Sri Lankans like music and dance, if you search about festivals in Sri Lanka, it always has an unlocked turn: dance. When joining in a festival, music sounds on, none in Sri Lanka can stand silently, all of them will shake their body, dance as long as no one is looking.

sri lanka people and dance

Eating Habit

Like the neighbor- India, Sri Lanka people do not use a chopstick or spoons like many other Asian countries; instead, they use your hand, often right hand to pick food. Sri Lanka food is quite similar to South Indian but they are cooked by the Sri Lanka styles. Sri Lanka is cooked with chili spices and often adds coconut water or coconut milk to their food.

The Faithful of Horoscopes

Sri Lanka people highly appreciate Horoscopes; they believe that horoscope can guess the future and applying Horoscope into work makes their works go smoothly. All events marriages, business deals or important celebrations are checked by Horoscopes to choose the best day to happen. In Amgampora – Sri Lankan martial art, official members will accept any new members without first checking their horoscopes to check the level of compatibility.

People in Sri Lanka

Art Lover

Looking at the diversity of folk art, we believe that you can self-evaluate the love of Sri Lanka people to art. Sri Lankan folk artists have a lot of different skills; that is the reason why Sri Lanka owns the diversity of many unique products: Handloom weaving, stone sculpture, painting, the art of ceramics

Cricket Fans

Cricket in somewhere is just a sport but in Sri Lanka, it is the most popular sport in Sri Lanka. In March annually, the Royal Thomian Cricket match is organized to show their love of Cricket of Sri Lanka people. If you join in, you will feel the most realistic atmosphere of a cricket fan.

people in sri lanka play cricket