Top 10 Musical Instruments in Sri Lanka

Top 10 Musical Instruments in Sri Lanka

Music shows the special culture of each country and the musical instrument is one of the important elements to the specialty of music. The special taste of Sri Lanka music is the gentle rhythm, lilting melody, both of which are produced from musical elements: the echo of the drum, the chick of small cymbals, the call of the flute,… Top 10 Sri Lanka traditional musical instruments below will provide you with lively feelings about the specialty of traditional music in Sri Lanka. Let this Sri Lanka travel guide gives an insight into the country’s traditional culture and have a happy Sri Lanka Tour.

The Two Wind Musical Instruments in Sri Lanka

HakGediya – The Most Memorable Flute in Sri Lanka

HakGediya is manufactured by a conch shell. It is called the most memorable flute owing to the way to perform and the performer is similar to an artist. The players blow into a slow and dramatic way to start ceremonial dances and events and to end long notes, the performer opens the chest widely and throws his head back.

HakGediya - Musical Instruments in Sri Lanka

Thalampata – Cymbal of Sri Lanka

Unlike a common cymbal, Thalampata is smaller and concludes many tiny cymbals connected together by a string. When the performer shakes the Thalampata, it produces two sounds: ‘thith’ and ‘thei’ which harmonizes with the movement of dancers in traditional Kandyan dance.

Thalampata sri lanka musical instruments

The Violin Musical Instrument in Sri Lanka


Popular in Sri Lanka and Western Indian, Ravanahatha is an ancient arched instrument made from the bowl of the coconut, goat hide, and bamboo, steel, and horsehair. It is really beautiful in both the appearance and the sound and also hides a great deal of mythology, one of which is that King Ravana came to India and took it through Tibet to his country.

Ravanahatha sri lankan traditional musical instruments

The 7 Drum Musical Instruments in Sri Lanka

Tavil – Drum from Tamil Nadu

Tavil is a barrel-shaped drum, comes from Tamil Nadu in India and manufactured by jackfruit wood. If GataBera used and Yak Bera for festival and ceremony, Tavil is played in rituals frequently by Hindu devotees in Sri Lanka. The players are hung this drum with the string named Nada, take hard thumb caps on the fingers of the weaker hand and bring short thick Portia wood stick in the stronger hand.

Tavil musical instruments of sri lanka

Dawula – Drum of Buddhist

Dawula is a musical instrument that is significantly smaller than Yak Bera mentioned above, made from kithul timber and cattle skin and decorated with exquisite art and brass strips. It is called a drum of Buddhists in Sri Lanka because it is often performed in Buddhist ceremonies. To play this instrument successfully, the players must complete twelve elementary exercises.

sri lankan instruments in

DanduBera – Bamboo Drum

DanduBera is so unique, craved from a bamboo trunk, composes 2 sticks and has 8 to 12 inches in length. The unique point of this drum is not reliant on an animal hide membrane instead of bamboo. This instrument is used widely in ceremonies and secular events.

DanduBera traditional music instruments in sri lanka

Bummadiya- Drum Like Water Vessel

Bummadiya is a small water vessel-shaped drum, made by clay and the membrane is made from either goat, monitor lizard or monkey hide. This musical instrument often performed during harvesting festivals.

Bummadiya music instruments sri lanka

Raban – One-sided Drum

Different from the typical drum with two sides, Raban is a one-sided drum made from goat hide, jackfruit or vitex wood. It is separated into 2 kinds: the Hand Raban and the Bench Raban and the composition and function of each kind is diverse. The Hand Raban is smaller than the Bench Raban, usually played by one person instead of two or three people like the Bench Raban. If the Hand Ranban is played with one hand, frequently to add variety to the beat, the Bench Raban- four-foot drum is used by a group like a family or friends during the festival season.

Raban sri lankan traditional music instruments

GataBera – Traditional Drums in Sri Lanka Wedding

Like all of the drums, GataBera has two parts: the trunk and two ends. The trunk of the drum is produced from many kinds of timber like Asala, Kohomba or Kos whereas, two ends of the drum are made from two kinds of leathers, one face of this drum is bound with deerskin strings and the other is covered by the cow skin. These combinations create harmony in the rhythm, show the melody which you cannot find anywhere without Sri Lanka, suitable for the wedding music in Sri Lanka.

gatabera musical instruments in sri lanka price

Yak Bera – The Soul of the Dance Party in Sri Lanka

The Yak Bera owns similar structures to the GataBera with a two-ended drum but its composition is different from that drum. If GataBera is just two feet in length, the Yak Bera is three- feet drum. The Yak Bera ‘s body is made from the Kithul timber and the ends are constructed by the cow stomach. In Sri Lanka, you are easy to meet this drum in the low country dances with masks and rituals.

traditional musical instruments of sri lanka

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